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500,000 children in Australia are living with a rare disease

For many of these half a million children and their families, every day is spent in constant uncertainty and unbearable suspense, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Getting a diagnosis, an answer, can be extremely challenging. It can take years, or, for some, may not come at all.


Pictured: Lily, the first participant in Project Y

Living in unbearable suspense is no joke.

Help raise awareness and funds for children living with a rare and undiagnosed disease, by either telling a joke of your own or sharing a joke on social media.


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What is Project Y?

Project Y is a groundbreaking initiative lead by Dr Gareth Baynam, bringing together specialist doctors to provide a diagnosis to inform treatment for a long list of rare and undiagnosed childhood diseases. This will deliver much-needed answers to thousands of children and their families, helping to put an end to the unbearable suspense.


Perth Children's Hospital Foundation The Undiagnosed Diseases Program
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The suspense is killing me

None of this is a laughing matter, so you might be surprised that we’re raising awareness for Project Y by partnering with some of the world’s leading comedians and telling jokes. The reason? Every joke told contains unbearable suspense before the punch line. You’ll want to know the answer, but you’ll have to wait. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Now, imagine how that suspense would feel every minute of every day for families living with undiagnosed diseases.

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